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Heating & Saltwater Pools for Comfort & Sanitation

Once you know what pool design you prefer, you can also decide if you want a heating or sanitizing pool. Both have great benefits that are sure to further induce envy in your neighbors. No matter what you choose, you can trust that Tropical Pools and Spas uses only the highest quality equipment and supplies available.

Heating Pools

You can still enjoy your pool when it gets cooler outside. There are a number of ways to keep your pool warm for those chillier days. The main ways are through electric heat pumps, gas heat, and solar heat. Heat pumps are the most popular option, while solar, being the most energy efficient, is the most economical. While all the systems we offer are energy efficient, you can better control the temperature of your pool with the heat pumps or gas heaters.

Sanitizing Pools

A sanitizing pool—also known as a salt generation pool or a saltwater pool—is a great way to keep your system running smoothly and free of mineral and calcium deposits. This chlorine generation system has been a part of pool maintenance for the last 20 years. The pool pump continuously and automatically generates chlorine, which keeps you from having to add, handle, and store chlorine on your premises. What's even better is that the soft and conditioned water keeps your skin from drying out. As a result, you can spend lots of time in the pool without having to worry about the effect it'll have on your skin.

Heated Pool