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The Tropical Difference


Quality you can see.

We take a great deal of pride in our work and craftsmanship. The end result is a beautiful and functional backyard that will be enjoyed for years to come. Below is a basic outline of our process for building your new backyard oasis. 

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This step is crucial to make sure you are getting exactly what you want within your budget. You'll also select materials in this step.



After permitting, excavation begins and our experienced craftsmen go to work. Your pool will be laid out and any fences, trees or stubs 

in the way must be hauled away.


Steel Framework

Next, the steel reinforcing frameworks in installed. This is also the time we take care of the electrical bonding or grounding of the shell and equipment


Deck Preperation

When the concrete shell is completed, we will level the ground around the pools, remove the wood forms.



Next, we complete the electrical work. If needed, an electrical panel is installed. Then all lights, switches, special features and control systems will be connected to the circuit breakers.


Deck install

Next, your new deck is installed. Based on your material selection this could be pavers, concrete, natural stone or some other custom finish.


Start -Up

One of our service partners will be on site after the interior finish is applied to make sure that the start up procedures are followed and your shell cures appropriatley.



The preconstruction step includes finalizing the design, securing the building permit, and making sure the site has been properly prepared.


Initial Plumbing

Next, the initial plumbing is installed. This includes running the pipes for the filters, the main drains and any water features.


Concrete Shell

Next, and perhaps the most exciting step, is the application of the concrete. Also known as gunite, the concrete is 

pneumatically applied by a trained professional. 


Final Plumbing

Now it is time to complete the plumbing work. We will set your equipment in place and complete the plumbing between it and your pool.



Now it is time to install the tile around the perimeter of the pool. This is also when we will put your new skimmers in place.


Interior Finish

The pool interior is hand-trough and water proofed. Then, the final finish is applied. Also at this time, any surface hardware will be installed. This includes skimmer covers, main drain covers and return caps.


Pool School

Typically after 30 days of start up service we will schedule a pool school to walk you through the operations, maintenance and functionality of your new pool.

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